Ticket Eligibility and Turning 65


I’m working with a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) beneficiary who will be turning 65 years of age next month.  Can they keep using their Ticket after they turn 65?



Yes.  If the beneficiary assigned their Ticket prior to turning 65 years of age, they can continue to use the Ticket to Work program until a terminating event occurs.  For an SSDI beneficiary, a terminating event would include entitlement to the benefit ending for reasons other than work.  In this person’s scenario, this would occur when the beneficiary reaches full retirement age and the SSDI automatically converts to a retirement benefit.  The Ticket would also terminate the month after the month the outcome payment period ends.


Please note, if this person received only Supplemental Security Income (SSI), their Ticket would terminate when they turn 65 years of age.



POMS DI 55002.055  Policies Related to Ticket Terminations


2 thoughts on “Ticket Eligibility and Turning 65

  1. Thanks for sending this out. I was not aware that a title II beneficiary would still have an assignable ticket until their full retirement age

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    1. We are happy to share information that we receive from The Social Security Administration.
      We want to make sure to focus on topics people may not be aware of, so that they can stay informed.

      Thanks for your comment Suzie!


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