Continuation of Payments under Section 301

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Continuation of Payments under Section 301

Section 301 provisions offer extended benefits to eligible individuals who would otherwise terminate from benefits due to medical recovery, not individuals who lose benefits due to work activity or other reasons. Section 301 permits temporary payment of benefits for individuals working toward a vocational goal.

When Social Security conducts a medical CDR or an Age-18 Redetermination, it may find that you, the beneficiary, no longer meets the medical requirements to receive disability benefits. If that happens, Social Security usually stops your benefits. Under certain specific conditions, however, Social Security may continue to provide cash disability payments and medical insurance (Medicare and/or Medicaid) to individuals who are participating in programs that may enable them to become self-supporting. Because the statutory authority for these continued benefits first appeared in section 301 of the Social Security Disability Amendments of 1980, they often are called “section 301 payments.” The current statutory authority for them is in sections 225(b) and 631(a)(6)(A) of the Social Security Act.

Important Facts Regarding Section 301 

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