Income Exclusions

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Some incentives allow Social Security to not count some of your income or resources when determining your monthly SSI benefit.

Does Social Security count all your earned income when they figure your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payment?

No, they do not count the first $65 of the earnings you receive in a month, plus one-half of the remaining earnings.  This is called the Earned Income Exclusion. This means that Social Security counts less than one-half of your earnings when they figure your SSI payment amount. They apply this exclusion in addition to the $20 general income exclusion. They apply the $20 general income exclusion first to any unearned income that you may receive.

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Principal earned income exclusions

Principal unearned income exclusions

  • The first $20 per month
  • Income set aside or being used to pursue a plan for achieving self-support by a disabled or blind individual
  • State or locally funded assistance based on need
  • Rent subsidies under HUD programs and the value of food stamps
  • The first $60 of infrequent or irregularly received income in a quarter
If you are a student under age 22, Social Security may exclude up to $1,850 of gross earnings in a month (but not more than $7,180 in calendar year 2015) in figuring your countable income.

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