WIPA Priorities

Who are high priority beneficiaries?

We prioritize beneficiaries via a screening process that we would like your help to implement. Your help will make benefits planning timely for the people you serve.

***Please direct all possible WIPA eligible beneficiaries to the Ticket Helpline 1-866-968-7842.

When an individual calls the Ticket helpline, the Help Line will evaluate their appropriateness for WIPA Initial Services.  The process looks like this:

Step 1: Begins with determining that the referral is eligible for WIPA services. Questions that will be asked: Are you receiving SSI and/or SSDI? Are you working? Are you actively preparing? (No change is eligibility requirements from previous years.)

Step 2: Is this individual a high priority for WIPA services based on the NEW prioritization?

Priority Group 1:  Individuals who are currently working or engaging in self-employment and have both a need and interest in receiving individualized work incentives planning and assistance services.

Working beneficiaries considering a promotion, a second part-time job, a job or career change, or becoming self-employed.

Priority Group 2:  Beneficiaries who are actively pursuing employment or self-employment and who are interested in receiving work related benefits counseling. This group includes:

(1)   Beneficiaries with a clear employment goal who are conducting an active and regular job search; and

(2)   Beneficiaries with a clear employment goal who have taken active steps to prepare for achieving that goal.

While of course we encourage you to refer all eligible beneficiaries to WIPA through the Ticket to Work Helpline, we especially encourage you to refer beneficiaries within the two above groups. This allows us to work with individual beneficiaries at a time most crucial for their professional development, while avoiding any possible issues as they make an important transition. Your support of the WIPA program through referrals is greatly appreciated, as we all work to support beneficiaries in their employment goals.

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